Le roman

Wouldn't it be nice, if we still lived like those first years of the 20th century? 
When people could speak many languages, and they hung out at the homes of their equally cultivated friends chatting about literature, philosophy, and many other things?
And I know, I probably am 'romanticing' things, that not everybody could carry on that lives, only those who could afford an education could live like that, but still, wouldn't it be nice?
There is always someone charismatic enough to bring together that group of people with awesome ideas, exceptional and out of the ordinary, and I have experienced that, meeting someone that makes you feel atracted like a moth to a flame, more than once actually;
But you know what, that kind of people in fact end up burning you.
And living trhough this adventure, traveling and working away from home, family and loved ones makes myself Wonder if it were like this back then, meeting people that in only two months become your friends in a way that, when they go you know you will miss them forever, most of all when they go and you can't even say goodbye...
But even then I still think, that it would be nice to live like that a little. Go to the theater, opera or cinema, go once a week to speak about everything and nothing, and write, sing, play music, that certain way of enjoying life because it went away far too quick.
And I think, maybe, it's not too late yet, that we could still live like that, in our own way.


Ya llevo 3 semanas aquí y lo que más me fascina siguen siendo los bosques ❤❤.
Pensé que por mi carácter nunca iba a poder trabajar bien (o trabajar a secas xD) o que me iba a suponer un esfuerzo enorme pero esta situación me está demostrando todo lo contrario, lo cual es una gran alegría para mí :3
Ahora mismo, dejo todas mis posibilidades abiertas, pero si fuese posible me gustaría no volver a España; en comparación estar allí me resultaba agotador día tras día y aquí siento que tengo muchas más opciones.